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How do we go about getting a quote from you?

We try and make this as painless as possible;

You contact us via email or phone to arrange an appointment that is suitable for you. We do have several evening appointments available as well as plenty of daytime appointments.

One of our Sales Managers will visit your property at the arranged time and take all the necessary measurements for your bespoke furniture. After they have do this they will ask if you have any preferences. Our sales appointments can last any where from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how many questions you have. We will never "hard sell" our work and we try not to overstay our welcome.

After this they will take the measurements back to the office to compile a quote with all the information you have provided. We will always send out the basic price with upgrade options listed. We try to be as transparent as possible. Once it is drawn up then they will either post it to you or email a PDF copy to your email address if you provided one.

Once you recieve the quote it is up to you to contact us if you want to go ahead. Once we have sent the quote we will never call you to pressure you into the sale.