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The Answers You Need

If you choose to go ahead with the work then we ask you to visit our show room to choose all of your colour, styles, interiors etc. Depending on what was quoted there may be an increase in price if you add on any upgrades.

You will be allocated a date that suits you, whether it is the first date(s) available or a date specified by you. We ask for a deposit when you book your fitting date; this secures the date and materials. The deposit is fully refunadable upto us ordering your materials, this is normally around 5 weeks before the fitting date for doors, and 2 weeks for other materials.

We will arrive on the day and fit your wardrobe. We bring dust sheets to cover your floor to minimise any mess we make whilst cutting the board. You are of course welcome to cover anything prior to our arrival. 

Once it is fully completed we then ask for the remaining balance to be paid.

What about booking you to fit our wardrobes?

Don’t worry if your walls, ceilings and floors are uneven, as we will level both the top and bottom tracks and wall abutments. We use an L shaped wall scribe to compensate for any unevenness and not a flat scribe which many of our competitors use (leaving you with uneven gaps to the sides of your wardrobe). We will level the wardrobe frame so all the doors are plumb in all positions and not just so they appear correct in their closed position!

What if my floors, ceiling or walls are uneven?

Yes, your fitted wardrobes are guaranteed for 5 years against any manufacturing defect. This includes:

Sliding doors and track, 

Hinged doors (excluding Vinyl doors and drawer fronts which have a 1 year guarantee), 



Free standing furniture. 

All electrical or LED accessories are guaranteed for 1 year. We will replace or repair, free of charge, any items covered by this guarantee.

If you notice any defects; let us know as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

If the damage is due to misuse then there will be a repair/replacement charge.

Are your wardrobes guaranteed?

Giving you an exact price without first seeing your space is difficult; we can give you an estimated price after asking you a few simple questions about what kind of wardrobe system, interiors and finishes you had in mind for your room.

Because all of our products are completely bespoke; including the interiors, door style, each price will be bespoke. We will work with you to keep within your budget and maximise your storage. So in order to give you an accurate price we will need to visit your home.

Can I get a price quoted over the telephone, via email or in your showroom?

Yes. Ideally the room in which we are working needs to be as empty as possible. This includes any existing furniture and beds. This is because we need as much space to work as possible.

Our fitters will also need to wear footwear whilst working, this is a Health and Safety requirement. The fitters will put down dust sheets to protect your carpets.

Do you have any requirements when fitting our wardrobes?

We try and make this as painless as possible;

You contact us via email or phone to arrange an appointment that is suitable for you. We do have several evening appointments available as well as plenty of daytime appointments.

One of our Sales Managers will visit your property at the arranged time and take all the necessary measurements for your bespoke furniture. After they have do this they will ask if you have any preferences. Our sales appointments can last any where from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how many questions you have. We will never "hard sell" our work and we try not to overstay our welcome.

After this they will take the measurements back to the office to compile a quote with all the information you have provided. We will always send out the basic price with upgrade options listed. We try to be as transparent as possible. Once it is drawn up then they will either post it to you or email a PDF copy to your email address if you provided one.

Once you recieve the quote it is up to you to contact us if you want to go ahead. Once we have sent the quote we will never call you to pressure you into the sale.

How do we go about getting a quote from you?

Because all our wardrobes are bespoke it is difficult to give you an accurate price without any information. The price is determined by your system choice, doors, colours and size.

If you know roughly what size and style you want we can give you a rough idea of the starting price.

But please be aware that prices can change depending on actual sizes and final design choices.

How much do your wardrobes cost?

All of our doors have no specific sizes and are completely made to measure, so if you have an existing wardrobe that works well for you but is looking a bit tired then we can help. Replacement doors are available for both sliding and hinged wardrobes. Additional framework may be required though.

What if I just want new doors and not a full wardrobe?

Depending on how much higher it is, you can choose to put either a top-scribe in place, allowing you to still use the full height inside your robe, or fit a lid, which closes the top of your wardrobe. This is something that we can discuss if we come out to your property.

What if my ceilings are really high?