What is best for me and my wardrobe? Hinged Doors or Sliding Doors?

Choosing your bespoke wardrobe can be a daunting task. You will be amazed of the vast number of choices available for you to choose from. Often, visitors to our showroom in Rotherham are surprised at the different styles and finishes that can be chosen.

But before we discuss wood and glass colours or interior designs, we always establish which type of door will be the most appropriate for each individual customer. Both will add elegance, style and a distinct character to your room but offer different benefits;

Hinged Door Wardrobes

  • Smaller space for the actual wardrobe is required, normally around 570mm for the depth (but the opening of the doors must be considered)

  • A wide range of handles to choose from. Each handle gives a different feel to your wardrobes, from chunky bar handles, to elegant crystal knobs.

  • Unlike sliding door wardrobes, where in most instances only one section of the space will be accessible at any one time, all of the doors on a hinged wardrobe can be opened at once to allow for better access.

  • Soft close doors are fitted as a standard so there are no more loud bangs when you are trying to be quiet.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

  • You don't need to worry about additional opening space for sliding doors.

  • Sliding doors can brighten up a dark room with the amount of mirror or coloured glass on show.

  • Unlike hinged doors, sliding doors don't require plinths or infills to provide clearance from the floor and ceiling. You will therefore benefit from additional storage space.

  • A wide range of colours in both our steel system and our aluminium

  • With the addition of mid-rails, you can create a truly unique door.

So to answer the question, both types of wardrobe offer a range of benefits and their suitability will depend entirely on your individual requirements or the limitations of your room. We provide a free and impartial quotation service where we will come to your property to discuss your requirements. There is very little difference in terms of price between the two types of door and both can be supplied in a range of design finishes to suit your budget.

At Mirror Image we offer both styles of wardrobe in a range of design finishes, with all of our furniture produced from scratch by the skilled craftsmen in our Rotherham Workshop. By coming into our showroom for an initial chat we can discuss the unique characteristics of your room and guide you towards a style and design that will maximise every inch of space you have available.

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